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American Medical Society for Sports Medicine

What’s the Latest: Hip and Spine

San Diego, CA – Online

Children's Mercy Virtual Hip Course

Evidence Based Evaluation, Diagnosis and Post-Arthroscopic and Non-Surgical Rehabilitation of the Hip

Kansas City, MO – Online

Evidence Based Examination, Differential Diagnosis & Management of Lumbar Spine & Hip Related Pathology

Wichita, KS – Online

South Coast Seminars

Evidence Based Evaluation, Diagnosis and Post-Arthroscopic and Non-Surgical Rehabilitation of the Hip

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

NC Physical Therapy

Stop the Guessing Game: Making Sound Decisions on Return to Sport Determination for Post-Surgical Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Athlete

Location: Wilmington, North Carolina

JetSet Rehab Education

Evidence-Based Examination, Differential Diagnosis and Management of Lumbar Spine and Hip Related Pathology

Location: Cabo San Lucas

Physical Therapy Courses at NPTA

Post-Arthroscopic and Non-Surgical Rehabilitation of the Hip

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Rehab Learning Center has been very fortunate to interact with many great individuals across the United States at our courses. Come and join us in discussing evidence-based examination and treatment strategies for individuals with various limitations. We believe strongly that clinicians with a strong desire to get better daily is what is necessary for our patients to improve.

We also recognize that individuals have different learning styles. Kinetic learning is used in our live and online courses. Rehab Learning Center utilizes blogs and books to assist the reading/writing learner. Visual learners will benefit from our many videos to supplement your learning. We also utilize each of these learning styles across the various courses in attempts to reach everyone. Additionally, we have recently started a community education page with discussion boards, posts, group chats and Zoom meetings to be able to interact with you. We believe that learning requires multiple strategies and points of views for the information to be best integrated.