About Rehab Learning Center

Who we are, our philosophy and mission

Our Foundation

Rehab Learning Center is a family of healthcare providers and patients dedicated to making a lasting difference. We have been in the healthcare environment as clinicians for over 25 years. Currently, we are experiencing 8 nerve-wracking years in this environment as patients. This experience continues to shake us to our core. We have dedicated who we are to improve this. Therefore, our philosophy, mission and purpose at Rehab Learning Center is to educate, empower, motivate and challenge ourselves and our colleagues to be the best healthcare professionals that we can possibly be.

Our Philosophy

Our ongoing 8-year patient experience has educated us more than any amount of clinical experience we could combine. As we continue to learn and reflect on our best and worst experiences in the current healthcare environment, we will never forget the exceptional clinicians we encountered. The less than exceptional clinical care we received will also not be forgotten. It is our philosophy that this is inadequate, and we want to help change this for other patients. This philosophy drives our mission.

Our Mission

Therefore, we have dedicated our platform to constant learning and improvement. We believe in the quote by Abigail Adams “Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”

Our founder, Mike Reiman, PT, DPT, PhD is the embodiment of diligence. He considers himself a constantly challenged, life-long learner. He recently achieved his PhD after several years of clinical practice and academic teaching. Others seem to have been impressed by this feat. Mike sees this as just another step to self-improvement. He wants to share his passion and have Rehab Learning Center help you be the best that you can be.

Our experience as patients, faculty, clinicians and researchers provide the richest educational environment. Collaboration amongst all learning stakeholders provides the best possible outcome.

Join us for an interactive, challenging and rewarding experience that embodies Benjamin Franklin’s quote “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Our approach is not simply to “teach” you. Rather, we believe in an active learning approach. In our live and online courses, you have no choice but to interact and be involved. We expect it.

About Mike Reiman

Mike Reiman teaches graduate physical therapy students in the musculoskeletal practice management and manual therapy curriculum. He embodies the philosophy and mission of Rehab Learning Center.


He received his PhD from Copenhagen University, a top 100 international university. He received his clinical doctoral degree in physical therapy from MGH Institute of Health Professions in 2007. In addition to his certifications as an athletic  trainer and strength and conditioning specialist, Mike is a manual therapy fellow through the American Academy  of Orthopaedic and Manual Physical Therapists (having completed a 2½-year fellowship program), is a USA Weightlifting level 1 coach and a USA Track and Field level 1 coach.

Research and Publication

Mike has recently written the most comprehensive orthopedic and sports medicine related examination text,  Orthopedic Clinical Examination. He has also co-written the only textbook on functional testing, Functional Testing in Human Performance and Clinical Mechanics and Kinesiolgy. His most recent book, Orthopedic Joint Mobilization and Manipulation provides the reader with detailed images for ideal learning.

Mike has written eight book chapters on orthopedic and sports related  topics.  He has also written approximately 100 peer-reviewed articles in such prestigious journals as the British Journal of Sports Medicine and the American Journal of Sports Medicine.


Mike currently serves on the academic advisory board for the International Olympic Committee IOC Diploma in Sports Physical Therapists,


is a member of the research advisory board for Vald Performance,

VALD Performance

serves on the editorial board for the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation and is a reviewer for multiple orthopedic and  sports related journals. He presents on various levels of assessment and treatment methods at international, national, regional, and local conferences and actively participates in research regarding various methods for  orthopedic examination/intervention and human performance.

Rehab Learning Center Conference

His current research and presentation interests  focus on hip, knee, return to sport and low back pain, best practice and cost efficiency and evidence  based examination. He continues to  practice clinically on various sports and orthopedic-related injuries.  He is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, National Athletic Trainers’ Association, National Strength and Conditioning Association, USA Weightlifting Association, and USA Track and Field Association.

Michael Reiman, PT, DPT, PhD, MEd, OCS, SCS, ATC, FAAOMPT, CSCS

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