Physical Therapy Educational Books


Rehab Learning Center utilizes all learning style. We have published various rehabilitation books that are utilized in colleges, personal libraries and clinics to improve evaluation and treatment skills.

Orthopedic Clinical Examination Book authored by Mike Reiman

Orthopedic Clinical Examination with Web Resource provides readers with fundamental knowledge for developing proficiency at performing systematic orthopedic evaluations. Michael P. Reiman, who is internationally respected for his teaching, clinical practice, and research focused on orthopedic assessment and treatment methods, presents an evidence-based guide on the examination process for various parts of the body.

Functional Testing In Human Performance Rehabilitation Book co-authored with Mike Reiman

Functional Testing in Human Performance offers clinicians the first-ever compilation of information on clinical and data-based functional testing for sport, exercise, and occupational settings. This unique text serves as a primary resource for ……

Rehabilitation Book co-authored with Mike Reiman

Orthopedic Joint Mobilization and Manipulation: An Evidence-Based Approach With Web Study Guide is a guide to clinical applications that can provide relief for a wide range of musculoskeletal ailments related to pain, dysfunction, and limited joint mobility……

Clinic Mechanics Kinesiology co-authored with Mike Reiman

Clinical Mechanics and Kinesiology With Web Resource provides a solid foundation so that students of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and athletic training can understand biomechanics and functional anatomy as they relate to both normal and abnormal…..