2022 Comprehensive Approach to Sports Physical Therapy Rehab

Mike Reiman · December 14, 2021

**2022 RLC Academy 2.0**

APTA MI 2022 RLCA 2.0

**APTA MI has approved this course for 10.0 CEU’s**

  • Pre-requisite: passion and an appreciation of a deeper learning and appreciation of orthopedic and sports medicine content.
  • This option is for both clinicians and students wanting to understand this material to a greater depth and discuss their learning with others.
  • This option is low-key, learn at your own pace, involves informal discussion boards with 2-3 live zoom meetings (optional).
  • Specific case application of covered material will be included throughout this option including discussion board and live zoom discussions. Discussion boards and zoom meetings (as well as lecture material) will use specific athletic injuries and mechanisms as case examples for structured discussion.
  • This option will also have additionally recorded lectures available (but not required) for the enrollee to view, including guest speaker lectures.
  • We are seeking 10 hours of APTA continuing education credit for this option. Therefore, there will be 2-3 hours of asynchronous (taped) content delivered per month.
  • Cost: $250 or clinicians, $150 for students with proof of enrollment
  • Content:
    • Physical stress theory, envelope of function, biomechanical concepts of injury and rehabilitation with case applications, motivational interviewing with directed case applications, patient communication, biopsychosocial aspects of injury, examination foundations, patient interview with directed case applications, diagnostic accuracy with case applications, screening and prognosis, muscle performance, movement screening, event coverage examination, emergency action planning and decision making, the abdominal examination, rehabilitation concepts, exercise programming, exercise progression and regression principles, athlete monitoring and more. Case applications will be directed at content and specific patient scenarios with discussion board prompts and responses.
    • The enrollee has access to, and is encouraged to, view additional content on such topics as tissue injury, healing, detailed muscle performance assessments and more. Viewing this material is not required (but encouraged) to successfully complete this option.

Option 2: 2 separate offerings (they are the same and you only need to enroll in one session): 

  • March 1st to July 3rd (suggested for those very comfortable with the material in option 1)
  • August 1st to December 4th (suggested for those completing option 1 or those comfortable with the material in option 1 and wanting to start later in the year). This option may also be for those missing the March enrollment if it is full.
  • Pre-requisite: passion; option 1 or good understanding of material in this option. Understanding the material in option 1 is key for this course. This course will be a detailed, deep dive investigation into 3 pathologies from time of injury to returning to the sporting environment. We will take 4-6 weeks each to cover 3 separate sports-related pathologies (hamstring strain, intra vs extra-articular hip pathology and ACL tear), including (most topics have several ‘live’ videos): injury mechanisms (with actual athlete injuries), on the field examination and treatment, epidemiology, anatomy and biomechanics of the injury, injury classification, differential diagnosis, clinical assessment, biopsychosocial aspects of injury, phases of treatment with specific exercises (detailed implementation, progressions, regressions), non-surgical vs surgical considerations, surgical procedures (videos of procedures), post-surgical rehabilitation, return to sport testing (several videos with discussions) and shared decision making, and much more. With each pathology we will cover the available literature, use specific case athlete examples, compare various athlete injuries and discuss the entire process. This option will also include virtual ‘field trips’ and guest speakers.
  • This option will be a more comprehensive understanding of the injury to return to sport process, directed at specific pathologies.
  • This option is specifically directed at the learner (clinician and potentially student) willing to embark on a more intense pace directed curriculum, discussion board and bi-monthly zoom meetings.
  • This option will also have additionally recorded lectures available (but not required) for the enrollee to view, including guest speaker lectures.
  • This option will also include virtual field trips.
  • Option 2 will have between 14 and 16 continuing education credit hours. We will seek APTA continuing education credit for this option once the exact number of hours is known.
  • Due to the comprehensiveness of this course we will have a class size limit for this option.
  • Cost: $350 for clinicians, $250 for students with proof of student enrollment in any relevant healthcare program (e.g. PT, ATC, chiropractic, OT, S and C)

If enrolling in both sessions prior to the start of session 1: $490 for clinicians, $340 for students.

  • Students:
  • Instructional strategies:
    • Multi-modal methods with emphasis on in-person synchronous implementation of pre-meeting material (asynchronous lectures/reading, etc), case presentation & application, blended approaches, community education on Zoom meetings, & discussion boards. The discussion board will also present various exercises, exams and treatment strategies with questions and reasoning for their use. Guest appearances from individuals working at various levels of athletic rehabilitation and training.
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Estimated Time: 10.0 hours