2023-Advanced Comprehensive Approach to Sports Physical Therapy Rehab – June Enrollment

Rehab Learning Center · January 23, 2023

**2023 RLC Academy**

Starting June 5th through October 1st

Option 2

Join us for the third edition of the Advanced Comprehensive Approach to Sports Physical Therapy Rehab

APTA Approved

Physical Therapy Course BOC Approved

BOC Approved

Rehab Learning Center has dedicated its academy to orthopedic and sports injury rehab. Our academy provides a comprehensive approach for sports physical therapy students and clinicians, as well as other professionals interested in or working in the rehab of injured athletes.

Our first two years at Rehab Learning Center Academy were fantastic. We shared and learned a lot. We also solicited and received great feedback to improve. Therefore, this year we are updating and revising content as well as expanding enrollment options. We will be having two different RLC Academy offerings (Option 1 and Option 2). See the options below:

Option 2

  • June 5th to October 1st 
  • Suggested for those completing option 1 or those comfortable with the material in option 1 and wanting only the more depth course.
  • Pre-requisite: passion; option 1 or good understanding of the material in option 1. Understanding the material in option 1 is key for this course. This course will be a detailed, deep-dive investigation into 3 pathologies from the time of injury to returning to the sporting environment. We will take 4-6 weeks each to cover 3 separate sports-related pathologies (hamstring strain, intra vs extra-articular hip pathology, and ACL tear), including (most topics have several ‘live’ videos): injury mechanisms (with actual athlete injuries), on the field examination and treatment, epidemiology, anatomy and biomechanics of the injury, injury classification, differential diagnosis, clinical assessment, biopsychosocial aspects of injury, phases of treatment with specific exercises (detailed implementation, progressions, regressions), non-surgical vs surgical considerations, surgical procedures (videos of procedures), post-surgical rehabilitation, return to sport testing (several videos with discussions) and shared decision making, and much more. With each pathology, we will cover the available literature, use specific case athlete examples, compare various athlete injuries and discuss the entire process.
  • This option will be a more comprehensive understanding of the injury to return to sport process, directed at specific pathologies.
  • This option is specifically directed at the learner (clinician and potentially student) willing to embark on a more intense pace-directed curriculum, discussion board, and bi-monthly zoom meetings (attendance is not required for continuing education credit, but it is suggested as this is where the rich discussions on such topics happen. Past course attendees are invited to join these meetings as well).
  • This option will also have additionally recorded lectures available (but not required) for the enrollee to view, including guest speaker lectures.
  • Option 2 will have 22 continuing education credit hours approved by the state of Michigan APTA.
  • Other states often take transfer of Michigan APTA approval.
  • We can provide you with any additional content required for state approval. We have never had to provide this due to Michigan APTA reciprocity, but please advise if this is not the case.
  • We are also a NATA provider.
  • Due to the comprehensiveness of this course, we will have a class size limit for this option.
  • Cost: $499 for clinicians, $299 for students with proof of student enrollment in any relevant healthcare program (e.g. PT, ATC, chiropractic, OT, S and C)Contact RLC for Student Discount Code

Enroll in both Sessions 1 and 2 at a discounted rate: $599 for clinicians and $399 for students – Contact Rehab Learning Center to request a special Coupon Code.

Option 2

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Option 2 – Installment Plan

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Options 1 & 2-$150 Savings When Bundled

Enroll in Options 1 & 2

Options 1 & 2 – Installment Plan

Enroll in Options 1 & 2
  • Students:
  • Instructional strategies:
    • Multi-modal methods with emphasis on in-person synchronous implementation of pre-meeting material (asynchronous lectures/reading, etc), case presentation & application, blended approaches, community education on Zoom meetings, & discussion boards. The discussion board will also present various exercises, exams and treatment strategies with questions and reasoning for their use. Guest appearances from individuals working at various levels of athletic rehabilitation and training.

Frequently Asked Questions For Academy Members

This academy membership is an online learning platform that uses both synchronous (live, in-person) and asynchronous (not live, watch on your own time), as well as independent and team-based learning strategies. The mission of Rehab Learning Center is one of constant learning and improvement. We believe in a couple of famous quotes:

“Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.” Abigail Adams

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin

We have designed this program to be a friendly yet challenging learning platform that you will travel along with like-minded individuals, all intending to be the best they can be.

There are many objectives of the academy membership. Ultimately, we want to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals that will push each other in a collegial and non-threatening way to improve for the betterment of those we care for.

The final objective is for you to be able to synthesize and make critical decisions on an injured athlete, from the moment they are injured until they return to their sport. In order to accomplish this goal, we present complex cases that build throughout the academy with the final objective to return that athlete back to their sport via decisions you make in the presented cases.

RLC Academy is intended for highly motivated, passionate and driven clinicians and students wanting to continue to challenge themselves and grow. This is not an alternative or substitute for college or university programs/residencies, EMR courses, etc; rather a supplement. While the last modules focus strongly on orthopedics and sports medicine, the first modules are applicable to other domains as well.

We believe this program has applicability to multiple rehabilitation professions (e.g. athletic training, physiotherapy, medicine, chiropractic, occupational therapy, strength and conditioning, fitness profession)

Option 1: February 11, 2023

Option 2: June 5, 2023

All sessions run for 4 months. Option 1 can be completed at your own pace, while option 2 is directly paced for completion in 4 months.

The first sessions consist of concepts including tissue injury & healing, basic biomechanical concepts, bioenergetics, clinical reasoning, and mentoring. The following sessions build on details of the examination of an injured athlete (both at the event and in the clinic), muscle performance assessments, return to sport assessments, and strength and conditioning and rehabilitation integration. The final sessions focus on completing previously introduced interactive cases, participant presentations, guest speakers who are working in sports medicine and advice on interviews for residencies and employment.

Please refer to the details listed under options 1 and 2 respectively.

There will be lectures to view and/or articles to read that could require anywhere from 2-3 hours/month for option 1 to complete 10 hours of continuing education.

Option 2 will require approximately 5-6 hours/month to complete up to 22 hours of continuing education credit.

We appreciate that life is busy, and things come up. We do not require participation. We, of course, strongly encourage taking full advantage of all the material that is offered to get the most out of the program. If you want to receive continuing education credit you will need to complete the entire program, including quizzes.

Option 1 has been re-approved by the Michigan chapter of the APTA for 10 hours of continuing education credit. It was approved for this last year. Option 2 is approved for 22 hours of continuing education credit with the Michigan chapter of the APTA. We have found Michigan to have good reciprocity with other states. We have had our continuing education courses approved by various states in the USA. The content in the course modules should be enough information for you to submit for APTA approval if you need to.

See details under Option 1 and 2 courses.

Yes. Email a copy of your current student ID to Rehab Learning Center.

We appreciate and understand this request. We expect word-of-mouth advertising to be powerful for those enrolled in the program. We truly believe this program is unique and packed with great content.

It is possible to enroll after the February 11th start for option 1 as long as you realize the didactic and interactive content is paced for this start.

Option 2 will close enrollment once the course starts and late enrollment will not be accepted.  Therefore, we suggest enrolling early as we have already received a lot of interest in this option.

Great question. There is no specific ‘type’ of individual. We are looking for passionate, driven, hard-working individuals who are willing to challenge themselves and grow in their knowledge. We believe it will be important for all individuals participating in RLC Academy to be compassionate, willing to challenge their assumptions and be willing to work and contribute to team learning. We wish for everyone to grow as a result of our collaborative learning environment.

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