Physical Therapy Shoulder Workshop

Evidence-Based Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Intervention of the Shoulder

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The complexity of pathology and ever-changing literature complicates non-surgical and surgical interventions for the shoulder. This two-day workshop will equip the participant with the ability to differentially diagnose and treat various surgical and non-surgical shoulder conditions across various ages and activity levels. The course will address limitations in function and the best evidence to address such limitations. Participants will glean a greater understanding of surgical and non-surgical decision-making, as well as post-surgical treatment strategies. Return to function and sport will also be detailed, including the return to work and sports testing, dependent on the specific individual you are treating.

This course builds in complexity, utilizing the scaffolding, first principles, and inversion teaching approaches. Participants are presented with several cases at the start of the course. They are asked their opinions on how these clients would be examined and treated. These cases are revisited throughout the course. Various strategies for examination and treatment are visited as new information is presented in the course. Participants are then asked to weigh the relevance of the various treatment strategies based on each case. The strengths and weaknesses of these strategies are then discussed as a group relative to how they might vary across the different cases presented. Debate and discussion are encouraged regarding the most effective strategies, as well as how these strategies might differ based on client and clinician experience.

Physical Therapy Workshop


Physical Therapy Course BOC Approved

This course meets the standards for continuing education by most state physical therapy boards. Please contact your state board for details on their specific requirements.

Rehab Learning Center (BOC AP#: P10231) is approved by the Board of Certification, Inc. to provide continuing education to Athletic Trainers.

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