CSM 2020 in Denver, CO February 12-15, 2020, Physical Therapy Continuing Education

Mike Reiman, PT, PhD to speak at CSM in Denver, CO February 13-15, 2020

Stop the Guessing Game: Making Sound Decisions on Lower Extremity Postsurgical Return-to-Sport Determination


The rate of returning an athlete back to sport postsurgery is generally 90%. However, clarity in the rate of play and performance is missing. Is this simply a surgical issue, or is postsurgical rehabilitation worthy of critique? Determination of readiness to return an athlete back to sport is a shared decision-making process between all stakeholders (e.g. physical therapy, athletic training, surgeon, patient). The best available evidence is required to make such decisions. In this session, the speakers will highlight the current level of evidence regarding returning an athlete back to sport postsurgery. Strengths and weaknesses of postsurgical outcome reporting will be highlighted. Attendees will gain an in-depth understanding of return-to-sport decision making, how current best evidence can be used, and evidence-based “ready to use” rehabilitation and testing methods to prepare athletes to return to sport. Postsurgical surgical and physical therapy considerations will be discussed and with consideration to the sport the athlete plans to return to.

Join Mike Reiman, PT, PhD and many other speakers for four days of valuable information in physical therapy at the American Physical Therapy CSM meeting in Denver, CO.  Mike and colleagues course addresses the 'current state of affairs' regarding returning to sport after an ACL reconstruction. In this course they discuss where we are with return to sport assessment, what the best evidence suggests and we provide our evidence-based recommendations. There is also a ton of other great content at CSM. For more information contact memberservices@apta.org. If you are attending, please stop and say hi to Mike!