Sports Rehab – Rehab Learning Academy 2.0

Mike Reiman · December 16, 2021

Comprehensive Approach to Sports Physical Therapy Rehab

Rehab Learning Center Academy 2.0 is dedicated to orthopedic and sports injury rehab. Our academy provides a comprehensive and holistic approach for sports physical therapy students and clinicians, as well as other professions interested in or working in the rehab of injured athletes. We offer both real-time (discussion boards and zoom meetings) as well as independent (videos) learning across the continuum of athlete care.

We initially delve into video analysis of various different injury mechanisms, as well as how to examine these injuries. Next we address how to progress the injured athlete through the various rehabilitation phases, including discussions on surgical versus non-surgical treatment options. Finally we address return to sport assessment and decision making, including discussions on involving all vested parties. Throughout each of these modules and discussions we consider how various biological, psychological and social contextual factors address different athletes. This includes, but is not limited to, how are various treatment, rehabilitation and return to sport decisions modified in relation to these contextual factors.

Our initial year of Rehab Learning Center Academy was incredible. We shared and learned a lot. We also solicited and received great feedback to improve. Therefore, this year we are updating and revising content, as well as expanding enrollment options. We will be offering 2 different RLC Academy Options (option 1 and option 2). Option 2 will have a choice of two different enrollment dates. See the options below:


Comprehensive Approach to Sports Physical Therapy Rehab applying for CEU's from APTA

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