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Rehab Learning Center · January 1, 2023

Stop the Guessing Game: Making Sound Decisions on Return to Sport Determination for the Lower Extremity Injured Athlete

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The rate of return to sport (RTS) post-surgery for most lower extremity injuries is not completely clear as it is often difficult to discriminate between RTS and return to playing at the previous level of sporting activity. Recent publications have attempted to clarify this discrepancy, but require further elucidation.

Current literature suggests limited utilization of RTS testing in many post-surgical lower extremity injuries. The rates of re-injury, as well as the discriminatory ability of RTS testing, after some of these surgical procedures is often difficult to ascertain. Dr. Reiman is a physical therapist and athletic trainer who has published much of this literature in attempts to clarify how best to implement and utilize RTS and return to play rates, as well as currently suggested RTS testing.

Return to sport of a non-surgical lower extremity pathology is complicated by limited correlation between imaging findings and functional performance. Making RTS decisions is therefore quite complicated and multi-dimensional. In this course, Dr. Reiman will present the current RTS literature and provide a best evidence synthesis for which the participant can determine RTS capability across various LE injuries. A large component of this course will be to demonstrate, perform and utilize various RTS testing, discuss progression and assist in shared decision-making.

We will utilize real case examples. Group and individual decision making will be encouraged


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