Clinical Reasoning and Mentoring

Rehab Learning Center · January 10, 2023

Online Healthcare Provider Course

Michael Reiman, PT, DPT, PhD, MEd, OCS, SCS, ATC, FAAOMPT, CSCS

Rehab Learning Center Online Course – 1.9 hours
Physical Therapy Course BOC Approved

Have you wandered what expert clinicians excel at? Skilled clinical reasoning and mentoring have proven to be paramount to clinical expertise. This online course will examine how each of these have been defined, as well as their various different types. Strengths and weaknesses of each will be discussed. The characteristics of novice versus expert clinicians is detailed. Examples of how expert clinicians practice and reflect on decision-making is provided with multiple practical examples. These practical examples are based on the instructors 30 years of experience. The course will challenge you to reflect on your decision-making processes, adjust such decisions based on feedback, and utilize various strategies and tools for self-reflection. While the course does do a ‘deep dive’ into the literature regarding both clinical reasoning and mentoring, the focus of this course is the practical application and reflection in the clinical environment.

This course is designed for both students and clinicians wanting to improve their decision-making and clinician to clinician relationships. Each of these topics have previously been defined as critical core skills for clinical expertise.


  • Differentiate characteristics of expert and novice diagnosticians.
  • Identify critical thinking core skills.
  • Differentiate various methods of developing critical thinking.
  • Define and contrast various strategies utilized in successful mentoring.
  • Discriminate the strengths and weakness of various clinical reasoning processes.

Estimated Time: 1.9 hours


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APTA MI 2022
Physical Therapy Course BOC Approved

This course meets the standards for continuing education by most state physical therapy boards. Please contact your state board for details on their specific requirements.

Rehab Learning Center (BOC AP#: P10231) is approved by the Board of Certification, Inc. to provide continuing education to Athletic Trainers.

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Estimated Time: 1.9 hours